Science and technology are primary productive forces. To survive enterprise development, we must continue to rely on scientific and technological transformation of products and adapt to new market needs. Lithium tyrants who deeply understand this truth, to ensure the provision of high-quality products and services to meet customers needs the use of the joint venture was first established on the establishment of a set of sound quality management system and quality inspection system. And the preparation of a quality management manual to ensure that they comply with GB/T19001-2000 (idtISO9001: 2000) standards and the actual combined company, for implementing the company's quality policy, the implementation of quality standards, quality commitment and responsibility to provide a guarantee of product quality Regulatory documents.
The company's production of lithium manganese battery button reached and exceeded the capacity of the international advanced level. The technological level of its domestic leadership.
Companies at home and abroad for the detection of advanced process equipment:

1、Kim Sang cutting machine

Instruments: Kim Sang cutting machine, used for battery cutting through the observation of the broken section of the battery cell structure. 
Machine performance characteristics: high-speed rotating cutter strengthen the thin wheel cut the sample in order to meet the security status under the best kind of cut.
2、vacuum oven
The use of equipment: a vacuum oven, research and development laboratory, Kim Sang cutting an important tool.
Machine features, performance: Box vacuum oven will be dry material is placed under vacuum and its heating, using water or organic solvents in a vacuum under the low boiling point, the characteristics of rapid evaporation, the rapid removal of materials in the water, To drying purposes. 
Infrared heat and steam heating, heating materials and uniform temperature easy to control. Two-stage water ring pumps and water pump units, Central get the best vacuum. 
3、imaging microscope
Instruments: imaging microscope to observe the parts and components and battery section, parts of the structure.
Machine characteristics: high-resolution optical design and provide true nature of the three-dimensional image. Coaxial-radio LED lighting, improve the image contrast. Microscopic professional image processing and calculation software.
4、contour detector

Instruments: Contour detector to check parts and components and die size, improve parts of the engineering capability index Cpk. 
Machine performance characteristics: the shape of rectangular coordinates equipment for measuring instrument. Use of precision mechanical parts for the rail line air base to ensure the accuracy and long life. Electrical appliances and computer parts by the High Precision ICP sensors, precision grating displacement sensor. Precision ICP sensors, precision grating displacement sensor measures X, Y direction of displacement and ensure the measurement accuracy of the outline of the workpiece. 
Instrument features: measuring the contours of the software has extensive capabilities: can handle all kinds of sealing groove shape (point of view, Chamfer R, deep trough, the trough); shaft parts of the bus line, stickout (Crown); Various arc radius of curvature and the curvature of the center position.
五、tools microscope 
Instruments: Measurement of the size used to trace, mainly used to measure ring size. 
Machine performance, features: a breakdown and the grating of digital technology, equipment table with a significant number of information output interface, which can be expanded connecting two-dimensional computer data acquisition processor and operating system measurements. 
Instrument features: video equipment available, or the axis of all contacts by law or rectangular coordinates polar coordinates of machine tools and parts of the length, angle and shape of relations between the location of a precision measurement. 
6、hardness tester

Instruments: hardness tester, with stainless steel test hardness. 
Machine performance, features: digital micro-hardness-is set for a new, light, electricity, count on one of the hardness test equipment, test it with high accuracy, stable and reliable performance characteristics.
Machines use: applied to metal materials, non-metallic materials, parts and micro-thin layer of hardening hardness tests can also be used to observe the metal structure, and hardening of high-frequency surface carburizing the distribution and Nupu hardness test.
7、and a high degree of internal resistance
The use of equipment: a high degree of internal resistance and the instrument to detect and internal battery of high impedance. 
Instrument features: contact resistance from the types of tests to internal resistance and battery voltage. 
Its characteristics are measured resistance at the same time and compare the battery voltage and internal resistance and the open circuit voltage. 
This product highly applicable to the battery check lines, both as a resistance of micro-can-do DMM equipment.
8、measuring instrument

Instruments: measuring instrument and testing finished Cell parameters: OCV, CCV, SCC, Ri. 
Machine: operating temperature: 18 ℃ -28 ℃ humidity does not exceed: 80% 
Testing standards: EN50082-1, IEC-801-2, IEC801-3, IEC801-4, EN55022 Class B, EN60555-2, EN61000-3-3
9、high and low cycle of me
Instruments used: high and low temperature cycle of me, through artificial temperature cycle, assessment of leak-proof performance of battery products. 
Machine: high and low temperature cycle experiment for me to do the main -20 degrees to 80 degrees the cycle test, test battery leakage performance. 
10、hot and humid me 
Instruments: hot and humid me, through 60 ℃ storage, storage battery of assessment products and leak-proof performance. 
Machine uses: in line with national standards, according GB/T2423.1.2.3 "electrical and electronic products for environmental testing order" related to the reliability test. Widely used in machinery, defense industry, light industry, electronic instrumentation and other industries. 
11、the discharge system

Instruments: discharge system, all finished testing the capacity of the battery. Instrument Performance: According to the battery management of the implementation of the battery discharge management.
The battery power inverter to the power grid through the active release, and the status of the Internet simultaneously. Discharge precise degree of control; inverter at room temperature for discharge operation, no heat problems, and thoroughly resolved because of the heat and fire personnel and potential safety problems, can meet the energy saving, environmental protection requirements. 
12、for pre-discharge 
Instruments used: pre-discharge device, activated battery products, eliminate high-voltage battery, stable electrical parameters.
Machine performance, features: a set of pre-discharge instrument is able to button battery precise timing, the constant resistance discharge equipment. The equipment used pneumatic components-driven, long-life of nickel test probes to ensure that the actions of reliable and good contacts, and effectively reduce the scratches the surface of the battery.
At the same time, it could conduct an independent 100 battery discharge, the replacement of resistance board can adjust the current discharge.。

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